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Birthday card to Nardy (USA)

30 Apr

Hii Nardy this birthday card for you. Sorry its very late but i hope you like it 😀

Happy Birthday 19th!!!


#1 Snail Mail – Ernesta (Lithuania)

30 Apr

I just sent letter to Lithuania 🙂 Hope ernesta get it soon! Maybe around 3-4 weeks 😛 Sorry for the late reply.


I give her postcard, coin, smile erase, and batik handicraft 😀 The big envelope and small coin envelope were made by myself.

Ottawa – Canada

29 Apr

I got this postcard 2 days ago from Ariel – Canada. Thank you! 🙂

Ottawa - Canada

Pension & Cafe Kruise – Germany

28 Apr

2 days ago my mom received this postcard. Thank Rebecca!



Mumbai – India

24 Apr

This is second postcard. i got today from Dipika – India

Rajabai Tower, Mumbai - India


Lyon – France

24 Apr

Yeay today i got 2 postacards 🙂 one of them from Nico – Lyon

Lyon - France

Wat Phra Kaeo – Thailand

18 Apr

Yeay yesterday got postcard from Pimchok 🙂 I thought that this place is one of famous over there because before i got postcard with pic is like that 🙂